Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen!

What a wonderful day with family and friends. I woke up early to get everything ready (and myself) before waking up Anna. Waking up Anna was probably one of my favorite things of the day. I went into her room and said, "Anna wake up. It is EASTER!!!" And her reply I loved was, "I know that mommy. JESUS IS ALIVE!" I loved at how even at the age of 4, she knows the real reason why we celebrate Easter....not for the easter eggs or for the candy, but that Jesus died and rose again for us. He is Risen Indeed!!! We did our Easter baskets before church...of course her has to be hidden. All smiles when she found it...

We went to chuch and loved celebrating with our family and church family. After service we spent the afternoon with family. My cousin, Joy, came over with her husband, Jeremy, and their three kids. We had a great time together. We had an easter egg hunt with the kids and my mom hid a basket for each kid. The weather was a bit chilly but at least it didn't snow! Here are some pics from the day...

The eggs Anna made with my mom
An attempt to take a family picture My mom playing with the kids and explaining to them about the baskets and easter eggs

She found it! I think she may have spotted it before because she went right to it without hesitation.
Libby also got an Easter Basket too!

The kids had a lot of fun finding easter matter how cold it was!

Ian on the hunt Luke found some

Anna found some too...

Libby got a hold of some as well

Then we spent the rest of the day indoors where it was warmer

My little bunny...

And this is how we all felt at the end of the day...

All in all is what a great day with family. I have come to learn that I'm not too good with words, but I like sharing pictures with you all. Hopefully I'll get better at this writing thing. Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Past Year

Wow...what a wonderful year it has been. Here are some pictures (I'm new at this so I thought I'd share with you!) from the past year or so.

Josh taught me how to of our first dates!

The Patten Family...Josh, Krista, and Annabelle (Josh's daughter)

Then on March 7th, 2009 Josh asked me to become his wife! I get to marry the man of my dreams!

Heading to go wedding dress shopping with my sister!

Family photo...shhhh...I was the Easter Bunny.

Then on August 15, 2009 I was blessed to marry my best friend and gain a wonderful daughter.

Anna was our flowergirl. Poor thing, she was so sick for our wedding...the orange blanket almost walked down the aisle with her. I wouldn't have long as she was there.
Now we are such a happy family. well, if you ask Annabelle, she would say a silly family. We love laughing together and serving our church family together.
This is all I have time for right now, but plan on posting more pics later.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Gastro Bug got us...

Well, the Patten house has been interesting this past week. It started last Sunday night. My stomach began acting up a little. I though sleep would cure it, so off to bed I went. It got worse on Monday though was topped off by Anna when she decided her tummy wasn't feeling well and preceeded to puke all over her self, our couch, the floor, and the blanket. Oh joy! Poor Josh had to do most of the cleaning since I wasn't able to keep things in as well. It just continued to get worse. After a night of, "Daddy, Mommy, help me" and a night full of bed changing and clothe changing, I was ready to have this bug gone. Anna was better the next day but I continued to keep the bug alive. I really didn't start feeling better till Sat. The house was lysoled to extreme, all sheets changed, all towels changed and all tooth brushes changed. Thankfully Josh did not get it and was able to help out.

Sunday night at church, Josh shared his testomony. I sat back, of course cried a little, but amazed at how God has worked in his life. I'm amazed at how God brought into my life such an amazing man of God who has been through so much but yet turned into such a man in love with our Savior. I'm amazed at God's grace.

I'm going to try to keep on this and believe as soon as I have time, there will be lots of pictures! Well, kids are calling me....